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EasyTick is a web based product for online movie ticket booking. This product is used for online cinema ticket booking. This is useful to theater owners and managers. This product can be bought with a domain name. Here the owners can have their own logo and other details. Only members can book tickets.

Easy Card is a prepaid card for reserving movie tickets. The other option of payment is through major credit cards where the payment gateway is integrated. The features are theater seat settings, movie management, members management, ticket checking and periodic reports and other features

  • Multi screen specialty, it can be used to manage multiple theaters.
  • Virtual seat view, which is especially used to users, can easily find their seat position.
  • Have advanced feature theater administration, which enables the administrator to load the movies, shows, class for a screen.
  • Shows and cost settings can be modified against the movie.
  • Ticket administration is one of the parts which enable the counter to issue tickets for online booking.
  • Canteen administration is also additional feature for the canteen of the theater to deliver the snacks & drinks.
  • Users can have an overview of current and upcoming movies.
  • Users will be able to book for a movie through online with an acknowledgement.
  • Users will also be able to book for snacks & drinks against the ticket acknowledgement with a separate snacks acknowledgement.
  • Users will also have a provision to add their review of a movie.
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